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Alex Bage


I started doing photography in 2003. As long I remember, I have a huge passion for all kind of Art. Draw, paint, street art, animation, etc.

I found that photography provided the best outlet for me to express myself.

Overtime I became more comfortable with my own style and technique. This gave me the confidence to take my work to the next level.

As a result, I held numerous exhibits showcasing my photographs thats subject matter centred around Street Art, Urbex and Urban culture.

In 2012, I took an interest in video concepts and began adding them to my portfolio. With time, I began experimenting on different personal projects and started to work on professional projects., Linkedin, Dafy Moto and others, gave me the chance to work on amazing projects!


How I love to work? With a blank canvas and trust.

It's where the magic happens!


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